There is a school of thought that the art of calligraphy has unique healing power. This gentle practice not only calms the mind but can also prove an escape from physical pain. It was, in fact, a minor accident and a period of recuperation that set Laura on the path to her calligraphy career, culminating in the founding of Laura Prudence Calligraphy.

As a former schoolteacher, Laura appreciates that being a good educator also means being an excellent learner. That’s why Laura chose to study under some of the U.K.’s leading calligraphers. She has worked and trained with the world-renowned Modern Calligraphy Company known for their alliances with leading luxury brands. Additionally, Laura has trained under the watchful eye of Gaynor Goffe and Mary Noble, both leading tutors in calligraphic arts.

Laura Prudence of Laura Prudence Calligraphy.
Laura Prudence of Laura Prudence Calligraphy.


Laura likes nothing more than spending her days adding stylish and personal touches to wedding and event stationery. Creating perfect place cards, magnificent menus and invitations to inspire. Her wedding suite services also include poems, wedding vows and readings all beautifully designed in hand-lettered calligraphy. Laura Prudence Calligraphy also offers unique artworks and longer hand-lettered pieces as personal commissions.

Laura assists corporate clients and luxury brands by offering enhanced in-store service to their customers over peak gift-giving periods. Recently Laura has worked with award-winning fragrance brand, Molton Brown, on behalf of The Modern Calligraphy Company.

Laura specialises in Modern Dip Pen and Modern Brush Calligraphy and the harder to master Classic Copperplate and Flourished Copperplate Calligraphy.

Laura Prudence creating sophisticated dip pen calligraphy.


Laura recognises the importance of sharing her knowledge and the joy it brings with others. She is a firm believer that calligraphy affords an inner peacefulness and her private and corporate workshops are developed in such a way that others can benefit from the mindful effects of practising calligraphy.

Each workshop includes staged goals so that participants leave enthused and confident in their new-found skill.

Life Outside of Calligraphy

When Laura is not knee-deep in calligraphy pens and inks, you will find her indulging in her other loves. These include reading and long rambles across West Sussex and the South Coast with her husband and their two black Labradors.


Custom made quote in a picture frame by Laura for a friend's wedding was the star of the day (other than the bride of course).  Beautifully handwritten with amazing attention to detail.  Would highly recommend if you want something truly bespoke and original.