Stylish white gift tag handwritten in delicate modern calligraphy.



I offer bespoke calligraphy services from my base in Chichester, West Sussex.

I work with clients across the whole of the U.K. and travel across West Sussex, Hampshire and the South Coast for event calligraphy.


Laura Prudence creating sophisticated dip pen calligraphy.
Laura Prudence creating elegant modern calligraphy at a Molton Brown event in Brighton.
Laura Prudence creating elegant calligraphy on Molton Brown packaging at a Brighton event.

I offer instore calligraphy services throughout West Sussex, Hampshire and across the South Coast.

At peak gifting periods throughout the year, when pretty gift packaging is looking especially gorgeous, customers absolutely love to have their own names, family or friend's names or personal messages written in beautiful calligraphy on the packaging. Alternatively, gift tags in stunning calligraphy will wow your customers. If you would like me to bring my smile, friendliness and calligraphy pens and inks into your store please do get in touch with me.


A commission of beautiful wedding vows handwritten in elegant copperplate calligraphy.

 Are you looking for an extra special anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift? A specially commissioned piece of artwork makes the perfect gift when you wish to express your love or gratitude to somebody who means the world to you.

The Personalised Hearts that I create have become very popular. They are unique pieces of artwork, and people get a great amount of joy from creating a list of words for the heart as well as the happiness experienced by the recipient. I also create poems, special phrases, wedding vows and readings in beautiful calligraphy. These pieces are unique and look fabulous framed and hung in a special place in your home.

Place cards

Sophisticated grey place cards created in delicate calligraphy on luxury card.
Navy blue place cards created in stylish modern calligraphy using pink ink on luxury card.
A modern calligraphy script handwritten in white ink on classic grey place cards.

By using beautifully penned calligraphy on your place cards, you can help your guests find their seat in a superbly stylish manner. Place cards can come in many colours and I will help you match inks to your chosen paper for a perfect colour combination. Additionally, I can help you choose the right style of calligraphy to reflect your unique event, whether it is informal or formal. No matter what style of calligraphy you select, your place cards with look fabulously eyecatching!

Table numbers and names

Stylish table numbers created in elegant gold modern brush calligraphy on luxury bright white card.
Wedding table name created in stylish gold brush calligraphy on luxury navy blue card.
Wedding table number created in stylish bronze brush calligraphy on luxury black card.

A vital part of any event is the smooth transition of your guests to their correct tables.

Traditionally table numbers have guided the way. However, in recent years table names have offered the opportunity to be more creative. Additionally, table names serve as excellent conversation starters among your guests. Table names and numbers look stunning in modern brush calligraphy, and are generally created with a paintbrush. With a wide range of colours to choose from, I create both table numbers and names on a luxury card.

If you fancy creating your own brush calligraphy for your wedding or event, I have designed an easy to follow, modern brush pen calligraphy online course, full of lifetime access to videos and materials. If you would like to get creative, please follow the link to head over to 'learn calligraphy' where you can find all the details. Please feel free to sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page for all the latest calligraphy news.

Envelope addressing

Stylish and elegant modern calligraphy created with a classic combination of white ink on a luxury grey envelope.
Sophisticated and elegant flourished copperplate calligraphy hand lettered in white ink on a beautiful blue envelope.
Sophisticated modern calligraphy on a luxury green marbled envelope.

Imagine your guest’s delight when a beautifully addressed envelope lands through their letterbox! It’s sure to set the tone for the splendid event that you are planning. Guests fall in love with hand designed and written envelopes and display them in their homes long after your event. No matter which style of calligraphy you choose, your envelopes will look stunning, and your event will be much anticipated. The colour choice for envelopes is endless. They look exceptionally beautiful in modern dip pen calligraphy, classic copperplate or flourished copperplate.

Names on Invitations

Delicate gold calligraphy names created on a sophisticated wedding invitation.
A contemporary wedding invitation with guests' names hand lettered in a modern calligraphy script, presented on an antique tray.
A wooden breakfast tray with morning coffee, croissants and a luxury wedding invitation.

A perfectly penned invitation helps you make a fabulous first impression. If your invitations have been printed, add a personal touch with my hand-lettered calligraphy service.

I will add your guest’s names in beautiful modern dip pen calligraphy, classic copperplate or flourished copperplate.


Beautiful afternoon tea menu created in sophisticated copperplate calligraphy on luxury card.
Menu created in elegant flourished copperplate calligraphy using gold ink on luxury navy blue card, presented on an antique tray.
Beautiful coastal lunch menu created in stylish modern calligraphy on luxury card.

Guests love imaginative and unusual menu choices. My calligraphy services include handwritten menus to enhance your fabulous food choices.

I can add a personal touch by doubling up the menu as a place card. A personalised menu is a wonderful keepsake to help guests remember your special day.

I create menus on a luxury card. You can choose from a wide range of both card and ink colours. Menus look especially stylish in modern dip pen, classic copperplate or flourished copperplate calligraphy.

Table charts

Wedding table plan created in stylish modern calligraphy using metallic silver ink on luxury turquoise card.
Wedding table chart created in beautiful copperplate calligraphy using bronze metallic ink on luxury black card.
Wedding table chart created in delicate calligraphy using metallic blue ink on luxury powder green card.

Guest lists often change as your event draws closer. Therefore, I create ‘deconstructed’ table charts as part of my calligraphy services. I handwrite groups of names for each table on separate pieces of luxury card. This ensures that late changes to your guest list are easy to incorporate. Whichever calligraphy style you choose, your guests will delight in finding their names and their table.


Laura has delivered exceptional work every time. I have had personalised gift tags, product description tags with beautiful gold writing and my own personal tag line written in brush pen calligraphy. Laura is very professional, and her work is of the highest standard. I highly recommend Laura and will continue to use her talents within my business.