As a former professional educator, Laura knows the importance of sharing her knowledge and the joy it brings with others. She also understands how to create the perfect learning environment and runs private and corporate calligraphy workshops across West Sussex, Hampshire and the South Coast.

Laura can tailor a workshop specially for you to host in your home; perfect if you are having a get together with friends. Additionally, Laura offers one-to-one calligraphy tuition. Contact Laura to enquire about private calligraphy workshops or calligraphy tuition.


Learning letter shapes with a brush pen at a Laura Prudence Calligraphy workshop in Hampshire.
New Home greetings card designed using stylish modern brush pen calligraphy.
Learn stylish and elegant modern brush pen modern calligraphy at a Laura Prudence Calligraphy workshop.
Laura Prudence Calligraphy modelling brush calligraphy strokes in Chichester, West Sussex

Laura Prudence Calligraphy workshops are two and a half hours long. They are suitable for beginners and will help you to unlock your creativity through Modern Brush Pen Calligraphy. Staged sessions will ensure your skills progress over the duration of the workshop.

Above all, we want you to leave a Laura Prudence Calligraphy Workshop enthused and confident in your new skill. Therefore, each workshop is planned with set goals and objectives in mind.

  Firstly, experience the mindful effects of practising calligraphy. You will appreciate the calming effect and embrace the elegance of this art form by carefully and thoughtfully, putting your strokes to paper.

   We aim to help you understand the basic principles of layout and style through staged sessions.

  You’ll gain calligraphy confidence and the knowledge to create your own projects at home.

  Finally, you will leave the workshop with an essential toolkit to continue to enhance your new skill. This toolkit includes a brush pen, a selection of high-quality stationery and easy-to-follow templates.

Laura Prudence Calligraphy Workshops fill up fast. To book an event, please use one of the links below.

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Brush Pen

Online Workshops

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Modern Brush Pen Calligraphy Heart designed by Laura Prudence Calligraphy, Chichester, West Sussex


If you have attended a Laura Prudence Calligraphy Workshop, we’d love you to share your projects with us on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #sharingthecalligraphylove and please tell us what you loved most about your experience.

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Recently attended one of Laura's brush pen calligraphy workshops and had a fabulous time!  Her teaching is excellent and you can see clearly everything she does making it so easy to follow.  She is also very generous with her knowledge and gave lots of ideas and tips.  We also came away with some templates and cards, gift tags etc to do at home.