How to be creative with the Laura Prudence Calligraphy monthly calligraphy templates downloads

By Laura Prudence | February 6, 2021

Each month I create one or two gift tag designs and a design that can be used on a greetings card and each month there is a different focus.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, the designs this month are all about love.  However, these designs can be used at

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Creating Christmas Gift Tags

By Laura Prudence | November 27, 2020

SHARING THE CALLIGRAPHY LOVE with Christmas Gift Tags! Elevate your gift giving this Christmas with some hand designed gift tags. Imagine how your friends and family will feel when they have an extra special hand designed touch to their gifts. Being a much valued subscriber to my newsletter

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Blog post: How to Choose Your Professional Calligrapher.

How to choose your professional calligrapher

By Laura Prudence | February 28, 2020

How to choose your professional calligrapher If you are planning a special celebration or event, you probably have a long to-do list. There are some tasks you will, no doubt, be hoping to complete yourself, and others that you’ve already decided you are going to outsource. But how

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Laura is a wonderful friend of many years and it has been a sheer joy seeing her turn her pen to calligraphy instead of marking books!

Laura was intuitive as to what I wanted and the whole process, from idea to holding her works of art in the ‘flesh’, was hassle-free and felt deeply satisfying as the recipients of the cards were bowled over too - that personal touch speaks far more words than any shop bought ones.

Her detailing and designs are exquisitely beautiful so I have already started to think of what else I can ask her to create for me! Thank you Laura!