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Before lockdown I was delivering some very popular, 'sell out' modern brush pen calligraphy workshops. I have now turned this workshop into pre-recorded online courses for you that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Full of videos to watch and pdfs to download, there are a number of pricing options to suit everyone. Please click on the link below to view these options or continue reading for plenty of information about the courses.

Would you like to learn the fabulous art of brush pen calligraphy and wow your friends and family with fantastic gift tags, greetings cards, wrapping paper and addressed envelopes?

If you are looking for a new hobby, interested in designing stunning stationery for your wedding, or you have dabbled in calligraphy and would like to become more confident in this art, then these courses are perfect for you.  You can stop and start the videos as many times as you like and learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

The PART ONE course is for beginners and the PART TWO course is for those who have a little brush pen experience or have completed the Part One course. There are GIFT OPTIONS for all the courses.

I did a lot of research on brush pen calligraphy courses and I am so pleased I picked Laura's course. I went for the full package including the printed out work book and the calligraphy kit which meant I could start as soon as it arrived. It also arrived so beautifully packaged. The course content was great, the videos and worksheets are so easy to follow and it's great to be able to go back to them when I am practising. I have loved completing the course and would highly recommend it.

Thank you very much for your gorgeous review, Laura!

In PART ONE of the Modern Brush Pen Calligraphy Course for beginners you will learn how to:

  • hold the brush pen correctly
  • use the brush pen to create calligraphy strokes and letter shapes
  • join letters to make words
  • use templates to create attractive gift tags
  • use knowledge of creating words to write stylish names on gift tags
  • use lots of suggested ideas to have an enjoyable time practising brush pen calligraphy
  • apply your calligraphy skills to other projects

By the end of the PART TWO course you will be able to:

  • Design and create calligraphy with confidence
  • Knit words together to create eye catching calligraphy quotes/greetings cards/addressed envelopes
  • Design my very popular personalised hearts
  • Create pretty envelope liners and addresses on envelopes
  • Create calligraphy on both white and colour paper/card
  • Add details/use colour techniques to bring your calligraphy to life
  • Apply design details to create calligraphy wrapping paper
  • Use a bone folder to create 'neat crease' greetings cards
  • Adapt/use templates that I have designed for you
  • Learn from the bonus video how to beautifully wrap a simple shaped gift


My in person workshops focus on teaching brush pen calligraphy skills, and then providing templates and colour inspiration to create gift tags, greetings cards and wrapping paper.  To make learning calligraphy more accessible online, I have divided this workshop into two parts.

In the pre-recorded online course PART ONE (for beginners) you will learn how to use the brush pen and how to create stylish words in calligraphy.

PART TWO (for those who have a little brush pen experience or have completed the Part One Course) is a separate pre-recorded online course. As well as applying all your brush pen calligraphy skills to creating beautiful stationery projects for yourself and the special people in your life, you have access to many templates to instantly create your calligraphy projects. There is also a new alphabet, new numbers, design ideas and using different pens and techniques to liven up your calligraphy. I show you how to develop your design skills to create stunning projects.

In both courses there are short, step by step video tutorials which show you very clearly how to create brush pen strokes, with lots of close-up footage as I talk you through all the things to do/think about, and what not to do, when creating and designing your calligraphy.

Along the way, there are top tips on most pages to help you to focus and progress. There is plenty of material for you to watch and calligraphy for you to copy. You have life time access to the courses so you can stop and start the videos as many times as you like.

There are also calligraphy GIFT OPTIONS for all the brush pen calligraphy courses.

When purchasing the courses you will be asked to create a password so that you can access your courses at any time via the 'Course Login' button at the top of each page on the website.  As you progress through the courses you can clearly keep track of your progress and see which videos you have completed.  You can always go back to a previous video and watch it again and again!

 All the skills that you have learned in PART ONE will be applied in PART TWO to creating greetings cards for many occasions, designing envelope liners, addressing envelopes and creating beautiful calligraphy wrapping paper.  There are plenty of templates, designed by myself, to use and I also show you how to manipulate letter shapes to create a quote, perfect for putting onto a greetings card or into a frame.  By completing both the courses you will have the whole gifting experience covered!



Calligraphy is an extremely mindful and meditative hobby. Immersing yourself in practising calligraphy helps to relax you and to switch off from day to day worries.  Whilst unlocking creativity, practising calligraphy is a therapeutic escape from screen time and with just a brush pen and paper you can practise pretty much anywhere.

Towards the end of the Part One course, after you have been working so hard, I have created 3 videos that are accompanied by music.  So you can pour yourself a cuppa, relax and enjoy watching calligraphy being created, or pick up the pen and join in.  The choice is yours!

Tea Pot and Tea Cup
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Calligraphy can be learned by absolutely anyone! I am right handed so the courses are modelled with my right hand. However, brush pen calligraphy is perfect for left handers, so perfect in fact I have created a blog post specifically for left handers, answering all the questions you might have about learning calligraphy.

Learning calligraphy is also fabulous for any age! From teenagers looking for something interesting to engage in, busy people wanting some relaxing downtime, to those who are retired and searching for different experiences.


With 13 videos and 25 pages in Part One and 20 videos and 42 pages in Part Two, both calligraphy courses offers you great value.  Learning anything new takes up a lot of practice time.  When you have learned a new skill, it is always helpful to know how you can use that new skill.  This is why in Part One, as well as informative videos, detailed instructions and helpful tips, I have created 2 pages and an accompanying video full of ideas for practising your brush pen calligraphy to make practising an enjoyable experience.

Sharing the calligraphy love is my passion and I look forward to you joining me on your journey to beautiful brush pen calligraphy. If you would like to ask any questions about the course, please do contact me by using the contact page, via email or by messaging on social media.

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As well as studying traditional calligraphy styles on courses and at evening classes with expert calligraphers Gaynor Goffe and Mary Noble, I have trained in modern calligraphy with the world renowned Kirsten Burke. I also create calligraphy at events with luxury brands such as Molton Brown.

Previously a primary school teacher, and now a professional calligrapher and regular teacher of calligraphy, I have years of experience planning content, teaching and understanding how people learn.  I have incorporated all the frequently asked questions at my calligraphy workshops into these online courses.

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