Xmas love to you created in purple calligraphy with white spots on pale green and pale pink card with candy canes

Calligraphy Christmas Cards - Designs and Ideas

More and more a hand designed element to our Christmas giving is appreciated by our friends and family. So why not wow your Christmas card list with calligraphy Christmas cards?!

These free four calligraphy Christmas card designs are varied and stylish. You can use either large brush pens or small brush pens to create your calligraphy Christmas cards. Throughout I have created links to my favourite calligraphy materials.


Here are some ideas for how to use the Christmas card designs:


  • Place the black templates on a light pad and trace over onto card with your colour brush pens. I have recently purchased this particular A4 size light pad and have so far not had any problems with it. A light pad is a great investment for a calligrapher as it makes creating cards, gift tags and longer pieces of calligraphy so much easier.


  • if you have metallic pens or sparkly gel pens, sakura pen-touch metallic (comes in different colours and sizes) and gelly roll stardust are good, use these to create some sparkle to your calligraphy Christmas cards eg. on the stars or the baubles on the tree. Use the gelly roll stardust pen (I use the clear one, but they come in other colours) to colour over your calligraphy or over your illustrations. When viewed under lights the sparkle is magnificent!


  • use a white pen (I like uni-ball signo) to add dots/stripes/snow to your lettering (this can also be done using a metallic pen) It is worth spending the extra pennies on the uni-ball signo white pen. This white pen definitely provides you with a richer and more consistent white than others that I tried out. Occasionally you do need to get it flowing more smoothly by running it over a scrap piece of paper to get the ink going again.


  • on the triangle tree template you could try a 3d approach and glue bright buttons or small pom poms to the tree for the baubles.


  • I used brush pens for all the illustrations on the calligraphy Christmas cards by using the tip with consistent pressure, however any colour pens would work well.


  • use the grey templates for practice/experimenting, by tracing over them with your brush pens.

Making calligraphy Christmas cards if you haven’t learned calligraphy yet:


  • print off the black templates onto A4 card (any colour), cut the A4 card in half to create the 2 different A5 size Christmas cards. Fold each of the A5 size Christmas cards in half to create A6 size cards.


  • then simply colour in the illustrations/stars/baubles/holly etc. This would make a great colouring activity for any children in your household.


  • use metallic pens or sparkly gel pens (see recommendations above) to ‘colour over’ the printed calligraphy Christmas lettering.


  • There is a section with a detailed video devoted to illustrations, borders and details in the Part Two Brush Pen Calligraphy Course. Also in this course there is a step by step video and an info page on how to calligraphy address envelopes for your greetings cards.
Christmas card templates for making calligraphy Christmas cards
Christmas card template with modern brush pen calligraphy and candy canes
Christmas card calligraphy template with a Christmas tree and baubles for colouring in

Would you like to design your own calligraphy Christmas cards?


  • build up your own card by copying or tracing over (preferably with a light pad) any of the calligraphy on the templates.


  • then trace over any of the illustrations to embellish your card or to create a border to your card design.


  • if you would like different illustrations to the ones on the templates: For example, if you would like a Christmas bell on your card - google: Images Christmas Bell Clip Art - either copy one that you like or print it off and trace over. Such a great little tip!


Should calligraphy Christmas cards be created on white card?


The short answer is no! Through experimenting I have found a beautiful pale pink and green card which work wonderfully for creating calligraphy Christmas cards. Using a mixture of white, pink and green I have created some card making packs in the shop which would be useful for your card making. The most recent one that I have added is a ‘no frills’ option to keep costs down.


Favourite Brush Pens:


My go to smaller brush pen for making calligraphy Christmas cards is from Pentel. (the dark purple brush pen looks gorgeous on white, green or pink card) The tips are fairly sturdy making it easy to create brush strokes.

My favourite larger brush pens are either Tombow, Ecoline or Karin brushmarker pro. Larger brush pens take a bit of getting used to but worth sticking at as the Tombow and Karin’s colours are gorgeous. The Ecoline brush pens are great for blending. In my shop I have a large brush pen play pack which allows you to experiment with these 3 larger pen types in an affordable way.

Here is the link again to the free calligraphy Christmas card templates in case you missed it at the beginning. (Please note: the templates are for personal use only)

If you use the templates and share your calligraphy Christmas cards on social media, please do tag me in as I love to see what you have been up to and to say gorgeous things about your calligraphy creations.

Wishing you a fabulous, festive time with creating your own calligraphy Christmas cards!

Many best wishes,

Laura x