Christmas gifting is so special, made even more so when you have found that much sought after, unique gift. This is where calligraphy gifts are perfect. Your special gift of calligraphy will provide a skill for your loved one that has so many benefits:

  • a feeling of calm
  • an opportunity to find moments of relaxation
  • an escape from day to day life challenges
  • superb for enhancing mental health
  • the satisfaction of learning a new skill
  • being able to create calligraphy for gifting to others such as beautifully scripted gift tags, calligraphy wrapping paper, addressed envelopes, calligraphy quotes that look great in a frame

Here are my top five calligraphy gift ideas:


The Pre-recorded online brush pen calligraphy course for beginners.

There are two courses available. The Part One Course is for absolute beginners. It takes you from how to hold the pen, create basic strokes, form letter shapes and to create words/names in modern brush pen calligraphy.

The Part Two Course uses all these skills and takes you through numerous projects such as envelope addressing, creating calligraphy gift wrap, designing calligraphy quotes, and so much more!

Both courses have bite size, easy to follow, detailed videos with very helpful close up footage. In addition, both courses have a work pack that is a mixture of tips, step by step instructions and plenty of templates to trace over with brush pens.

Fantastic for fitting in around the demands of everyday life, with lifetime access, the modern brush pen calligraphy course makes a great calligraphy gift for your loved one. There are a number of gift options to choose from.



The new IN PERSON WORKSHOP DATES are now live on my website. I have created a gift option for each workshop, making this one of the most unique calligraphy gifts.

A one to one calligraphy session with me, online or in person, is a perfect calligraphy gift for someone who likes a personal touch. If your recipient is in the Chichester area we can meet up and create calligraphy together. If not, we can create calligraphy together online with a zoom meet up where I have a great camera so all my calligraphy strokes are very clear on the computer screen.

I also have a terrific aftercare service where I encourage students (not obligatory) to send me photos of their calligraphy creations and I give constructive feedback, if requested.

Check out the options for this wonderful calligraphy gift.

large brush pens

Calligraphy gifts don’t get much better than a set of brightly coloured brush pens. Calligraphy brush pens are the easiest tool to learn calligraphy with. They come in all sorts of different colours and sizes. The Pentel Brush Pens are very popular with people who are new to calligraphy. I have a small range in my shop and Cult Pens offer an incredible variety of calligraphy brush pens to choose from.



To create wonderful calligraphy cards, take a calligraphy template (free templates in Laura Prudence Calligraphy regular emails – the sign up form is at the bottom of any page on my website), a blank A6 sized card, colour brush pens, and a light pad (see number 5).

Having blank A6 size cards is essential for a budding calligrapher which is why they feature as one of the perfect calligraphy gifts. In my shop, one of the packs with blank cards comes with a luxury box, a fabulous calligraphy gift for popping under the tree or into Santa’s sack.



A light pad is fondly referred to as a calligrapher’s best friend! It is ideal for creating final pieces of calligraphy art work by tracing over calligraphy designs or templates, with the aid of a light. It is a game changer! Plus, it’s one of the calligraphy gifts that is spot on for using with Laura Prudence Calligraphy templates and downloads.


Fancy creating the perfect atmosphere for your loved one to practise calligraphy?

Here are some wonderful additions to calligraphy gifts:

Light a beautifully scented candle from Sara Jane Candles whilst practising elegant brush pen calligraphy strokes.

Indulge in some delightful chocolates from Lucy Armstrong Chocolates to treat yourself whilst enjoying some calming calligraphy moments.


Some wonderful ways for your loved ones to learn and practise calligraphy. Which of these calligraphy gifts are on your shopping list?!

Wishing you a terrific Christmas!

Many best wishes,

Laura x