Each month I create a free template for my subscriber’s email. As a New Year treat I have decided to share the calligraphy months of the year further afield. The template can be downloaded for free from the website shop.

This template was created using the smaller Pentel brush pen, however it would look equally great if it were created in dip pen.

Please note: the template that I have created for you is for personal use only.


The black template:

  • place the black template on a light pad, put a piece of rhodia or practice paper over the top and create your calligraphy – this is a great way to practise your pen strokes
  • print off and place the template on your light pad, put a piece of good quality card on top and trace over the template with some fabulous colour brush pens, or it would look stunning with some blended colours.

The grey template:

  • print off the grey template and use your brush pens to go over the grey calligraphy – this is great for practice. See the ‘Tips for Practising Calligraphy’ below.

The next step would be to copy or design your own calligraphy months of the year! If you copy it, remember to focus on knitting the letters together.

If you design you own version of the months of the year or you copy my version, I would love to see what you have done. Please do tag me in @lauraprudencecalligraphy on social media or email a photo of your work to me (laura@lauraprudencecalligraphy.co.uk) – I always reply!



This poster looks wonderful with the floral border, it finishes it off perfectly.

When tracing over the floral border, use the tip of your brush pen to create consistent pressure. This takes a little getting used to but with practice it is easier to achieve consistent pressure and a good monoline. (although you will notice that there is the occasional place on the floral border where there is a slightly thicker stroke and you will need to apply a bit of weight on the pen)

Or, you could use monoline pens to create this. Micron are ones I have used in the past, they come in different thicknesses and are a useful addition to your ever growing stationery collection!



If you have a piece of calligraphy that you would like to add a floral border to, simply design in pencil (use the flower shapes and foliage from my border) and create your pen strokes over the top and then erase any stray pencil lines.


TIPS FOR PRACTISING CALLIGRAPHY (especially if you are new to calligraphy in 2023!)

When you are creating your calligraphy try to remember to focus on these essential tips to get into good practice habits:

  • sit comfortably with both your feet on the ground with your back straight. This will prevent you from stooping over your calligraphy work and getting back ache.
  • remember to breathe whilst you are creating your calligraphy months of the year. When new to calligraphy especially, the tendency is to hold your breath!
  • hold your pen lightly in your hand, rather than holding it in a tight grip.
  • create your calligraphy slowly – the slower you go the more control you will have of the pen
  • remember to take the pressure off the pen as you go into an upstroke and put pressure on the pen as you go into a downstroke. Remember, no saggy bottoms!
  • practise the calligraphy months of the year regularly – a little and often is a good approach.
  • keep examples of your regular practice over the next 2 months, date your work and see how much progress you have made over time. This is very satisfying!

I wish you a fabulous time creating the months of the year. If you haven’t done so already, please do sign up to my regular newsletter to receive free templates to help you to practise your calligraphy throughout the year.

If you would like any calligraphy advice or have a question to ask, please do contact me. I love to chat all things calligraphy!

Many best wishes,

Laura x