How to be creative with the Laura Prudence Calligraphy monthly calligraphy downloads:

Each month I create one or two gift tag designs and a design that can be used on a greetings card and each month there is a different focus.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, the designs this month are all about love.  However, these designs can be used at any point in the year to let someone know how much you love them.

Whether you are learning calligraphy, skilled at calligraphy or have not started to learn yet, the monthly downloads that I create can be used by everyone.  They are my way of sharing the calligraphy love with you by inspiring you to be creative with your calligraphy skills and to make calligraphy cards and gift tags to elevate your gift giving. The great thing is that all of these ideas can be applied to any of the monthly downloads!


For gift tags

  • print the black ink download onto a colour card of your choice
  • Cut out the gift tags
  • Punch a hole in the end of the tag
  • Attach to your gift with some ribbon or twine
gift tag and heart collection
two presents
cutting out gift tags

For Greetings cards

  • print the black ink download onto a colour card of your choice
  • cut out (with scissors or a paper trimmer)
  • attach with glue the cut out calligraphy onto another piece of co-ordinating colour card
  • use a bone folder (see below) to create a crease to fold the card neatly
  • OR, cut the card into a rectangular or square shape and send it as a postcard in an envelope.
post card hearts


For Greetings cards

  • print the black ink download onto a piece of white or different colour card
  • use a bone folder (see below) to create a neat crease in the card
  • Optional: you can trim off the excess card from the top and bottom of the card if desired, like I have done in the pictures here.
white heart i love you tag
bright pink card
white heart love and hugs

How to use a bone folder:

  • place your card in front of you
  • measure the half way point along the top of the card and mark it lightly with pencil
  • measure the half way point along the bottom of the card and mark it lightly with pencil.
  • join up the two pencil marks with your ruler and run your bone folder with pressure (pointed end on the card) along the card next to the ruler two or three times. This will create a neat crease.
bone folder


  • print the grey ink downloads
  • practice your calligraphy skills by creating calligraphy over the templates
  • remember: light pressure on the upstrokes, more pressure on the downstrokes
  • experiment with different colour pens and decide which colours you like together
  • OR, put a piece of layout paper or Rhodia paper (my favourite, it is super smooth) over the top of the black template and practise your brush pen calligraphy.
grey tags
grey heart
tags on rhodia pad


For Gift Tags

  • print the black ink downloads
  • place these on a light pad and put your white card over the top
  • in black, or different colour brush pens, create calligraphy gift tags
  • cut out your gift tags with scissors or a paper trimmer and attach them to your gift
  • OR, place a shop purchased gift tag/luggage label (I use gift tags from Jane Means) over the template and create your calligraphy gift tag
gift tags on lightpad
happy birthday gift
light pad jane means tag

For Greetings cards

  • print the black ink downloads
  • on a light pad, place your card over the greetings card template and create a lovely calligraphy greetings card.
  • experiment with playing around with different colours to create your greetings card
  • follow the instructions above on how to use a bone folder for creating a neat crease to fold the card in half, ready to pop into an envelope
different colour hearts
creating heart on lightpad

I have used Pentel brush pens to design all of the downloads.  The black Pentel brush pen is available to purchase in my website shop.

The pens come in a lovely range of colours. 3 different colour combination packs are available on my website here

If you are feeling inspired and would like to start learning calligraphy, please have a look at the brush pen calligraphy course information page on my website.  It is the perfect start to learning calligraphy! 

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Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and relaxing time using the monthly downloads!

Many best wishes,

Laura x