How to Learn Calligraphy – Getting Started

Calligraphy is a wonderfully relaxing activity and I would like to share my love of this beautiful art with you. Here are some top tips, from my Brush Pen Calligraphy Course for Beginners, to get you started on the road to stylish brush pen calligraphy. The brush pen is excellent for calligraphy beginners who are wondering how to learn calligraphy.

Sitting Position

Sit with both feet on the floor, no crossing legs. Rather than hunching over your calligraphy, sit up straight. Your back and shoulders will really thank you for it!

Holding the Pen

It is important that your arm is relaxed by your body so that you have room to create calligraphy words easily. When we handwrite we tend to hold the pen fairly close to our body. However, when creating calligraphy it is better to move your elbow away from your body slightly so that you have more room to glide your pen across the page. See the picture below:


Pen Grip

When considering how to learn calligraphy try not to grip the pen too tightly. As you practise more, relax your hold on the pen a little. You will then be more comfortable making beautiful letter shapes.

Paper Position

Having your paper too close to your body means that you won’t have the room to let your hand move easily across the page. If you are right handed move your paper away from your body straight in front, and then turn it slightly to the left. If you are left handed move your paper away from your body straight in front and turn it to the right slightly. Play about with the paper angle and see what you find comfortable.

Apply the Correct Pressure

Remember to apply pressure to the downstrokes and light pressure on the upstrokes. This will create beautiful thick and thin strokes that you see in calligraphy lettering.

Change Pressure on the Pen Strokes in the Correct Places

Remember to take the pressure off the pen at the right places so that you avoid ‘saggy’ bottoms to your letters! Here is an example of how NOT to do it!

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Creating calligraphy is slow and mindful. The temptation will be to rush, however it is especially important to take your time, and an absolute must when contemplating how to learn calligraphy. Then your letter shapes will become elegant and beautiful more quickly.

Practising Brush Pen Calligraphy

When learning to create letter shapes, practise the same letter 4 or 5 times and then move onto the next letter. If you create whole pages of the same letter you will start to practise your mistakes! The aim is to create elegance and style in your lettering. There are heaps of ideas for practising brush pen calligraphy in my online course.

So these are some top tips to get you started! There are so many things to consider when thinking about how to learn calligraphy, however in time all the tips that I have given you become second nature.

How to Learn Calligraphy

If you would like to learn brush pen calligraphy, explore these tips in more detail and discover even more tips for how to learn calligraphy then my Brush Pen Calligraphy Course for Beginner’s will be perfect for you.

Using my experience of teaching in person brush pen calligraphy classes, I have created an online pre-recorded course full of videos and task sheets for you to learn to create stunning calligraphy. You have unlimited access to these videos and materials so that you can refer to them again and again, all in the comfort of your own home and at times that suit you. A brilliant way for you to learn calligraphy!

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