Stylish modern brush pen calligraphy in a classic combination of black ink on luxury white paper.
Stylish colourful gift tags created in modern brush pen calligraphy.
Place cards hand lettered in a stylish, modern, pink calligraphy style



Calligraphy for Weddings & Events - Make your special day more memorable

Unique Commissions - Give a gift that means the wor(l)d

Private & Corporate Workshops - Learn how to slow down and stress less

In an age when we are increasingly reliant on computer technology, calligraphy is an art that reminds us of the elegance and beauty that we can achieve by hand. Laura Prudence offers bespoke calligraphy services from her base in Chichester, West Sussex and delivers workshops across the South Coast of the U.K.

Elegant vellum place card hand lettered in stylish modern calligraphy.
Stylish white gift tag handwritten in delicate modern calligraphy.
Sophisticated gold flourished copperplate calligraphy hand lettered on luxury navy blue envelopes.

Perfectly Personal Event and Wedding Stationery

Every detail of your special event or wedding day should be unique. Enchant and delight your guests from the moment they receive their invitation. Laura’s stylish calligraphy adds personal touches to all your event and wedding stationery.

A Gift that Means the Wor(l)d

Ensure your words stand out with a distinctive gift. Laura’s calligraphy is all designed and lettered by hand. A specially commissioned piece of artwork makes the perfect gift when you wish to express your love or gratitude to somebody who means the world to you.

Slow Down & Stress Less with a New Skill

Calligraphy is a skill that you learn to execute slowly and mindfully. You will appreciate the calming effect and embrace the elegance of this art form by carefully and thoughtfully putting your strokes to paper.

Why Laura Prudence Calligraphy?

Firstly, Laura has studied under some of the U.K.’s leading calligraphers. This expert teaching has allowed her to hone a unique calligraphic style, filled with flourishing elegance.

Laura specialises in both modern calligraphy and the harder to master classic techniques of this beautiful and expressive art form.

Laura has a background in education; as a result, she has a calm and understanding nature. Additionally, her previous teaching experience helps her interpret the needs of her students when planning her very popular calligraphy workshops.

Based in Chichester, West Sussex, Laura travels across the South Coast to offer bespoke corporate services and calligraphy workshops.

Sophisticated flourished copperplate calligraphy elegantly hand lettered on a luxury bright white envelope.
Sophisticated gold flourished copperplate calligraphy handwritten in gold ink on luxury navy blue place cards.
Luxurious flourished copperplate calligraphy on a luxury blue wedding envelope.



We commissioned Laura to do some calligraphy artwork for our new kitchen. We had a few ideas and words we would like on them and she then designed and produced these two beautiful pieces of artwork. We couldn’t be happier with the final products and they look spectacular in our kitchen. Laura’s creative flare and love for her talent shone through in her designs and we thoroughly recommend her. Thank you so much, we will be in touch for more beautiful bespoke pieces soon! X